WHAT HAPPENS IN NEBRASKA, a new poetry collection, drops Oct 2022.

What happens in Nebraska? Read the book to find out. Click here to preorder now.

Cover art by the amazing Rachel Brodsky https://www.rbrodskyart.com/

what happens in nebraska cover .jpg

"The poems in What Happens in Nebraska are poems about complexity (meditating on         science, space travel, relationships, Google Docs), but Dixon makes them so readable, so smooth and understandable. That's an incredible talent with poetry, making for a book that keeps you reading to see where the poems go next."

-- Matt Mason, Nebraska State Poet

“Her images embody themes which exquisitely     convey the acidic nature of modern relationships. Catullus established the “Odi et amo” (I hate and I love) motif in poetry; Dixon elaborates the same theme for the 21st century."

-- Michael Skau, Emeritus Professor of English at the University of Nebraska, Omaha

“This stunning narrative sequence belongs on the same shelf with books of love poems by                 Kim Addonizio, Li-Young Lee, Marilyn Hacker, and Pablo Neruda, but Cat Dixon’s What Happens in Nebraska is its own book, and its love story is  unsettling and unforgettable.”

--Clif Mason, author of Knocking the Stars                Senseless and The Book of Night and Waking